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New York State Lifeguard Corps

Long Island ● Central ● NYC ● Finger Lakes ● Saratoga ● Taconic ● Thousand Islands ● Allegany ● Genesee ● Palisades ● Niagara

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Making Labor Union History

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The first ever meeting of the New York State Lifeguard Corps (NYSLC) was held Saturday, March 27, 2010, at Danford’s on the Sound in Port Jefferson, NY. The 2010 Representative Assembly (RA) was attended by the NYSLC Executive Board, Delegates from several New York regions, and NYSUT / UUP reps Peter Martineau and Sean Callahan. NYSLC President Bruce Meirowitz called the Assembly to order and we got to work. He began with an overview of the long and winding road that lead to the creation of the NYSLC in January of 2009. A future issue of The Guardian will be dedicated solely to that journey. In this transitional period, members of the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps (JBLC) Executive Board served as interim NYSLC officers. State - wide NYSLC 2009 elections voted in your current Executive Board.

At the direction of UUP, in 2009 we created temporary By Laws. We are required to use the NYSUT Constitution, so our first order of business was the review, amending and approval of these By Laws. We went through each line, and after amicably discussing each question, unanimously approved the new By Laws. Treasurer John Weber presented his Report. Our Fiscal Year is aligned with NYSUT’s. We discussed agency fee reimbursement, the current dues structure, and how we retain membership over the winter when not on the payroll. Unused regional monies will be absorbed back into the General Fund. John feels that accurate assessment of fund trends will take another two years, since everything is new. But based on existing data, he recommended that we raise dues at the next RA. (That meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 2010 in Saratoga Springs.) His Report was unanimously accepted.  read more: The Guardian (FirstRA) pdf

First RA

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